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Monaco and Monte Carlo

Driving to Monaco is something I did on many many occasions, either for shopping, music gigs or the unique Christmas market. But this time we set off for a complete day in Monaco, just for a long walk and taking pictures as we move along the shores, up to Monte Carlo. At this time of

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Crash & Fail

I looked at Mr. HD and told him how sorry I was for him. Sorry because he’s been serving me well for a couple years without a glitch. He was always quick to respond to my requests, quietly. But this time he crashed, he failed. That’s ok with me, but I had to shoot him

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Scooter to the Moon

Yes! I took my scooter to the Moon last week. Or maybe it was not the Moon, but it was just like it. Well, ok.. I drove to Col de la Bonette at a time in the season where almost nobody can be seen out there. It all started when I left home for a

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