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Colorful Nice

I just came back from a walk in Old Nice and the least I can say is that the weather gave us a bit of everything today. It started with sun, then clouds and rain, sun again, wind, etc.. Hey why not take this opportunity to shoot and see what comes out of it? Last

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Hard Rock hearth

Taking the path by the sea in Villefranche sur Mer, at the foot of the citadel, one can see a lot of things happening. That’s what I realized today on my little trip there. It is said that walls have ears. We all know that. But if they do have ears, and also have feet,

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Col de Vence

Can you believe this place is known for stories about UFO’s? Yes, Col de Vence is well-known for that. People go there in hope of seeing flying saucers, hear strange things. Some will even go there camping just in case something happens. I know of a couple people in photo clubs in my area who

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