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Taking off in a nice way

Just about a week ago I brought back and shared with you some high elevation photos, taken on the highest road in Europe : Col de la Bonette. Now, why not completely go back the opposite way, at sea level? Well, add several meters to that as these people are leaving the ground/water for a

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La Croisette at night in Cannes

Last night was quite interesting in Cannes. To my surprise there were lots of people everywhere, including a big party on the beach, musicians, people walking around or sitting on the sand, full terraces, acrobats, hip-hop dancers improvising at the foot of Palais des Festival’s red carpet. « Fête de la musique » just happened the night

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Opportunity. Luck. Coincidence? Call it whatever you want, but the odds of getting a guy walking in your frame with a pink bag while shooting a pink set on the street are pretty low. This is in Old Nice, taken yesterday as I was walking the narrow streets and noticed how the light was falling

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