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A leaf left behind

As Fall is heading our way at a fast pace, signs of its approach can be found everywhere now. This leaf shows off its last vibrant colors and is a big contrast between the marble deck and the mosaic tiles of the pool. Just like many other leaves it was floating on the water before

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Room with a view and no dress code

In my last post I mentioned that there as always something to shoot in Nice, always something interesting as everything changes by the minute. Sometimes though, things stand still for a while and that’s the case for this boutique where two mannequins have been there for a certain time. And as you might expect, they

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Smells like fall in Nice

Nice is taking a different allure at this time of the year. While we still get lots of sun year round, the temperature progressively goes down every week, swimmers are occasional and sometimes the sky gets cloudy and menacing. While taking a walk in Old Nice, it’s fun to see how people are starting to

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