3 day getaway in Amsterdam

3 day getaway in Amsterdam

We got back from Amsterdam last Monday and really had a great time there. The purpose of this trip was just to get away and relax, make some photos and enjoy new people and places.

To make the most of it we decided to leave on Friday morning and get back on Monday at the end of the afternoon. Since there was not direct flight that week-end, it took us a little while to get to Amsterdam, through Zurich.

Everybody talks about Amsterdam and its Red Light district, the good stuff you can get in the numerous "coffee shop", the tulips, etc. While the tulips were not to the rendez-vous (wrong season), everything else lived up to their expectation. But what we enjoyed the most is the way people live there. Respect. Quietness. Enjoying life as it is.. and riding bikes! Bikes are everywhere. You probably heard about it, but once you see it for the first time it's amazing!

Don't buy a map when you get there, you can get them for free at hotels. Everybody was kind and helpful, and once you get used to the area you find your way easily by walking and/or using the trams, which are very effective and frequent (about every quarter or so). Also keep in mind there is a train from the airport that brings you to Central Station, at the heart of everything.

Amsterdam is an amazing city. It has a lot to offer. You know I'm always fascinated by the history behind places I visit. You won't be disappointed there. Take some time ready about it before going there, you'll be amazed at what you learn.

Good Light!


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