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Antibes, beautiful Antibes


Some places are just always beautiful. Good or bad weather, it doesn’t matter. The sea shore in Antibes is just like that. I spend time there almost every week, sometimes on two or three occasions and I always find it beautiful. I remember even having this thought on a rainy day. This photo was taken last week. I liked the waves crashing on the rocks in the distance, the sea was agitated, the clouds forming some dramatic shapes, the turquoise line in the water and the soft mountain shapes in the background. Typical vista on the Côte d’Azur!

What a contrast with the nice weather we have this week! Do I hear someone complaining? Nah…

I hope you like the shot and that it brings you some good feelings and peace of mind. How do you feel when you find yourself on the shore? Does it make you contemplative or does it simply bring a good feeling? The sounds of water are known to be very soothing.

Good Light!

© 2013 Normand Primeau Fine Art Photography. All rights reserved.

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