Back in time in the name of the rose

Back in time in the name of the rose

What a surprise for me on Sunday when I got home from a short shoot in La Colle sur Loup. I left home earlier with the intention of taking some shots of their event called "Journée autour de la Rose". While I never attended this event in the past, I expected lots of roses everywhere along with activities and decorations. All of this was there of course, but I didn't expect to see that they re-created some kind of "back in time" sort of thing. You know, old cars, people dressed like they were in the past, even horses and artisans on the street.

I didn't set my mind for anything special and simply shot what seemed interesting to me. And that's the beauty of it now because I discovered my mind was more focused on "time" than on "roses". That's funny, and interesting. You'd think I would come back with lots of photos on the subject of roses. I didn't.

I finally tried to convert all photos from color to cream tone to give them an old look. The result is pretty cool because it makes me feel I can now visualize more easily on what La Colle sur Loup used to look many many years ago. I'm pretty sure I'll have a different feeling when I drive there on a daily basis.

Good Light!


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