Burning sky

Burning sky
Burning Sky at dusk in Cannes, Côte d'Azur, France, RX-100, 1/500 sec., f6.3, ISO 400

Don't we all miss these sunsets on Côte d'Azur? You know, when it's warm and we walk in the sand after a hot day.. We're not there yet, especially this year, the weather. Everything's upside down. But, surprisingly, this shot was taking during the winter. In January to be precise. Those following this blog have probably read my post on Îles de Lérins.

Well, after a whole day of walking and shooting on the island we took the boat to get back to Cannes. I took this shot right after getting off the boat, in the parking from the shore. I noticed the sun falling behind the mountains and grabbed a couple shots. No tripod. Thanks to a big concrete wall!

I hope you like it, and until we can shoot these sunset soon again.

Good Light,


© Normand Primeau