Colorful Nice

Colorful Nice
Chess players on a narrow street, Old Nice (France)

I just came back from a walk in Old Nice and the least I can say is that the weather gave us a bit of everything today. It started with sun, then clouds and rain, sun again, wind, etc.. Hey why not take this opportunity to shoot and see what comes out of it?

Last week, in La Colle sur Loup, I had my mind set for "color" and came back with mostly "cream tone" shots, which was great. Today, seeing the clouds, I was expecting shots that would nicely convert to black and white or even "cream tone" again. But hey, guess what? I brought home some of the most colorful photos I did in Old Nice.

Do you believe in the fact that things will come to you if you are prepared to receive them? I do. I always do and most of the time it proved to be just right! Today again, I found out there was a mountain bike event on Promenade des Anglais: La Transvésubienne mountain biking event - La Colmiane. Lots of people everywhere, animation, groups, mountain bikers. Lots of them! For me it was a given opportunity to make some good shots, real shots of real people in the real activities. And to make things even better, I got there for the arrival of the riders! I had a great time and lot of fun working on the pictures I'm sharing with you today. I hope you like them.

My personal choice goes to the chess players because I like how they concentrate on their game, and the way light is falling on the scene. Pssst! I think the guy on the right will win.. ;-)

Good Light!


© Normand Primeau