Crash & Fail

Crash & Fail

I looked at Mr. HD and told him how sorry I was for him. Sorry because he's been serving me well for a couple years without a glitch. He was always quick to respond to my requests, quietly.

But this time he crashed, he failed. That's ok with me, but I had to shoot him because of that. That's what happened when a hard drive crashes and the owner happens to be a photographer. What other purpose can it serve, after all?

So here I am, screw driver in one hand, flashlight in the other. I took appart what used to be one of my several backup drives. Carefully unscrewing everything, putting pieces aside, one by one, discovering the unknown, the interior of my hard drive's body.

This was a pretty interesting experience. Not having a hard drive crash, but opening it. I've always liked well-crafted things, screws and shiny platters. Maybe that's why I also love my Leica and its lenses. And now looking at all these pieces carefully placed on my desk, I'm thinking about the good old days of computing, even before the internet. And I can hear my friend Jean-François laugh and say with he deep voice: "Oh yeah, Mr. Norm.."!

I think experimenting with all kinds of objects can be very interesting. Sometime I just purchase little things for an eventual photo shoot, or shop around hardware store for sources of inspiration. But shooting my own hard drive is certainly something I haven't thought of before. But don't worry, my backup strategy proved to be more than appropriate and I lost nothing at all. Not even close! And now.. what do I do with all of these hard drive pieces? Hmmm..

Good light!


© Normand Primeau