Cros de Cagnes in the morning

Cros de Cagnes in the morning

My visit to the Cros de Cagnes yesterday was mostly to find out what to shoot and evaluate the light. I knew a second session would be necessary and that’s why I went back this morning. I just got back from there and here’s the story.

I woke up at 5:50am, knowing there was a 20 minutes necessary to drive there and park the car. And I wanted to be there in advance to see the light come slowly. The weather forecast was 100% favorable and the gear was cleaned and ready before I went to bed last night. When I got outside it was still pitch black and the temperature at 3.5 degrees. No traffic means quicker drive to destination. Parked the car and started to walk around and look for good angles and subjects. It was colder than I expected (down to 1 degree) and I realized a tuque would have been appropriate. Especially on the beach where the wind is pretty cold and humid.

I had to wait for at least one hour before I could see some signs of light on the horizon. But being there in advance allowed me to watch the whole process and see things differently from yesterday afternoon. I thought it would be more quiet though. Surprisingly there were lots of cars already and I knew I had to manage that aspect while taking pictures. Street lights were also in the way, so good framing was the key this morning. That and managing low light in the beginning. After 7:47 am (sunrise here), everything became visible and tinted of gold. Beautiful.

But I knew time would fly and I started to shoot as soon as I got there, using artificial light (street lights) on subjects nearby. Then I moved to the port expecting to see fishermen in action, but there were only a few. I got some great shots from that area before moving back to the center of Cros the Cagnes (where the church is) and shoot again from different angles and with a very different light. I stopped at around 8:30am because daily activities were starting, people getting in the area, etc.

The next session in the area will be at the end of a day to catch some great sunset lighting. But not today. It’s a long day when you get up at 5:50am. But, as they say, « the proof is in the pudding », and I’m satisfied with what I managed to « cook » this morning. Now, I’m planning my next shoot strategy!

Good Light!


© Normand Primeau