De la Roya valley

De la Roya valley

Well, well, well.. What a day today! What was supposed to be a normal day finally ended up being very interesting. I had plans to go “somewhere” to shoot “something”, but really had no idea of where to go and what to shoot. After all, there are so many places and things to see in my area, the choice is sometimes hard to make. The village of Tende was finally put in the plan and I went very close to it before heading in another direction just before. That brought me to Italy, in a small (very small!) village by the name of Fanghetto. Wow.. That was an experience. I still don’t know if this is a real ghost town or if people live there only a few months per year, but I met nobody there at all. I walk up to the cemetery and then back down to the care, nobody to be seen around. But I came back with great shots and the intention to find out more about this place. I need to know what it is all about and then go back and shoot again, and again.

Otherwise, this day trip has been a great experience and I had a great time visiting Sospel, Breil, Touet-de-L’Escarène and others. It’s a lot of curves, but when all of them bring something to see, who’s going to complain?

Good Light!


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