Death Valley - Land of rock

Death Valley - Land of rock

I’m please to announce that my book titled “Death Valley – Land Of Rock” is now on sale via Blurb. After several weeks of work, it’s great to see it online. This book was produced out of a series of pictures taken during a photo workshop in Death Valley, California, in April 2008. This workshop was led by Steve Kossack. His experience and knowledge of this huge National Park was extremely useful in getting to the right areas at the right time. You can find more information about Steve’s workshop on his websites at: and

I will receive the first hardcopy of the book by FedEx in about a week. I’m very happy with Blurb’s software (BookSmart) as it offers a lot of flexibilities. The print quality is very good and I recommend it to anyone who wants to produce a book of their own.

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