Discovering iAwriter

Discovering iAwriter

This post is not exactly about photography, but I thought it would be of interest to anyone who wants to find a simple, non-obtrusive, no nonsense writing tool for the Mac. Blogs are so common these days that this kind of tool could be very handy to simplify the process of writing. My choice is iA Writer and I just purchased it from the AppStore.

O.K., now let's see how it works. This app is completely new to me and I'm going to try it as an attempt to find the best possible tool for my blog writing. And that's where the link to photography shows up. This is a photography blog, after all.


Well, the main thing with iA Writer is the fact that it doesn't really have functionalities. It's a simple (very simple) yet efficient app for writing. Period.

Ease Of Use

Besides the fact that you need to get used to not having lots of option, preferences and settings, it's hard to find something easier to use. Unless you don't know how to type. Because that basically the only thing you'll be able to do with iA Writer. But in a cool way!

My Opinion?

Humm.. Well, this whole blog post is the first thing I wrote with iA Writer and I'm not a programmer. Really not. I looked into the default document that opens when you launch the app, for 10-15 seconds, and there you go. We hear a lot about Markdown language, and while it's totally new to me, it's very easy to learn and get some basic formatting done while you write.


Again, things need to be simple and at 7.99 euros, well, they are.Check it out for yourself. You can get iA Writer on the AppStore and take advantage of their 50% off offer, while it lasts.

Good Light!


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