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A leaf left behind

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A leaf left behind

As Fall is heading our way at a fast pace, signs of its approach can be found everywhere now. This leaf shows off its last vibrant colors and is a big contrast between the marble deck and the mosaic tiles of the pool. Just like many other leaves it was floating on the water before reaching the edge of the pool, staying there for a moment before falling in the evacuation drain.

This photos speaks to me because I like squares, lines, textures and contrast. The blue tiles of the pool give us a refreshing feeling, the marble a sense of coldness and immobility, and the leaf an emotion based on life and its perpetual cycle through seasons. I love that period of the year. It’s fresh. It smells good. It feels good. There is probably some sense of nostalgia in this, as we see the time pass and nature go through its cycle, remembering our past years, souvenirs, feelings, events, etc. This is great because it puts us in a state of introspection and it brings back a lot of details of our life. Bear with me, I’m not sad, the feeling I’m talking about is super sweet, soft and very positive. It helps us remember who we are, where we come from and what’s really important for us. Very constructive, indeed.

We are all some kind of leaf growing somewhere, when you think of it. And of course we all grow in a family tree!  🙂

Good Light!

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