Cros de Cagnes – A new project

I never knew things would push me in that direction, but the more I think of it, the more it makes sense. I’ve been shooting a lot in medieval villages over the past two years and what struck me the most is the history they all contain. Every wall, building, bridge means something, tells something about the past. I admit I’m lucky to live in a region where history is everywhere. The “Old Countries” is how we describe Europe in America. I better understand the meaning of this now.

The Cros de Cagnes is kind of new to me. I’ve been in this region for many months, but I never visited the Cros until this week. Opportunities are turning in the right direction these days and I decided to invest time and energy into a new project, which brings me to spend time shooting in Cagnes, more specifically in the Cros. I’ve been shooting there today, just to see how I should plan my work photographically documenting this beautiful area. I’m getting up very early tomorrow morning to get back there and shoot more, with sunrise. It’ll be a big bonus if I can catch fishermen and grab slices of life. This project is going to keep me busy for a couple days and hopefully evolve into something much wider. I can’t tell you everything right now, but I’ll keep you updated as soon as possible.

In the meantime ou can see the whole picture set on my website at

Good Light!

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