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Deep thoughts to Paulette and Mark

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Deep thoughts to Paulette and Mark

The past week had its load of emotions. As you know, Pete, my long-time friend and partner in crime for photography, died last year. This week his sister, Paulette, died after a long and painful combat against cancer. If you remember a couple weeks ago I told you I produced a book as a tribute to Pete (titled “Unpublished”) and wanted to offer it to Paulette, as a gift and souvenir. Unfortunately, the book arrived when Paulette was unconscious, on increasing doses of morphine and her state declining.

She never got to see the book, but her husband was very happy to look at it and it will be part of things he keeps in memory of Paulette.

I went to Cros de Cagnes the day of her death and burned a candle at the church facing the Mediterranean sea.

Rest in peace Paulette, and thanks again for allowing me to shoot along with Pete over and over. My deepest thoughts also go to Paulette’s husband, Mark. He’s a great man and I will certainly visit him in the future in B.C., Canada.


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