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Love is in the air – serenade of butterflies

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Love is in the air – serenade of butterflies

Just a few seconds after stepping outside the house, I noticed two butterflies were flying around and going on with their serenade. We see a lot of butterflies in the area but rarely in couple like that. That was an opportunity given to me on a silver platter. I ran back inside to grab the camera and started following them slowly, taking shots whenever possible. At some point they were very close to me, even at eye level, making it the perfect position to grab a good shot. But they kept moving so it was not an easy tasks. Some shots ended up blurry as the auto-focus was hunting for the wrong subject. But there is always a good shot (or at least an OK shot), hopefully. And that’s the one I’m sharing with you today.

Shortly after this one, the butterflies started to go up in the air, over the roof of the house and then disappeared in the sky for their destination of choice. Let’s pretend they were heading out for their honeymoon!

Good Light!

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