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Montreal mono and solo

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Montreal mono and solo

I had the opportunity to take some time off recently and decided to visit my family in Canada (Montreal). Traveling alone is always a refreshing experience for me. It allows you to focus on your thoughts and quietly enjoy whatever flows around you. I tend to be very sensible to people’s behavior, the multitude of sounds, noise (or silence), and also how light goes through the day. As a photographer all this will influence how I feel and the “flavor” of pictures I’m going to make.

On May 10th, Leica released a new version of its M series, called M9 Monochrom. I read a lot about it on the various blog posts and photography sites. I think the idea is very interesting, but it’s not for everyone. Some want colors, other don’t have that much money to spend on a camera.

While I was in Montreal, I had my Leica M8.2 with me, as I always do, and decided to walk and snap some pictures of the city, people, buildings, etc. Street photography I mean. I don’t usually do a lot of that, but this time, as a solo shooter with his thoughts (very positive ones, of course) I decided to wear the “reportage” suit. I don’t know how much kilometers I did by feet, but it’s definitely a lot. Photography is good for health too!

Back home I started to import and work on the photos in Lightroom and converted one of them to black and white, just for a test. I liked it and decided to do that for all the photos. Take a look and let me know what you think. Not that I will become a black and white shooter, but for this shoot it was very appropriate : Montreal Mono and Solo.

You can find the whole picture set on my website at www.normandprimeauphoto.com

Good Light!

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