Re-visiting Old Port of Montreal

A little over a year ago I was in Montreal and had some spare time to visit an area I always loved to be while I lived there: The Old Port.

I was recently working in Adobe Lightroom on some files and stumbled on this series of pictures I took in December of 2010. I have been there many times before, but this one was special because I was there as a tourist, not a resident. Having a new camera, I decided to revisit everything and see things from a different angle. I perfectly remember that day. It was cold. Sunny. And I felt fortunate to be there again and to have time to spend there.

Now from the comfort of my home, working on the computer, I “revisited” the shots I took that day and applied some “technical emotions” to them through software. How does that sound? Poetic? Technical? Crazy? What about a bit of everything? That’s how I feel about this process. You go back in time, have a second glance to pictures and make them look the way your felt more than a year ago. Now, what if I go back to Montreal again (for real) and shoot again in the same area? Food for thoughts. Or maybe a plan! But one things is sure: going back to your photo library can be a very creative process. In this case, Montreal proves to be an amazing subject (again!).

What are your thoughts on the emotional aspect of photography?

Good Light!

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