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Room with a view and no dress code

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Room with a view and no dress code

In my last post I mentioned that there as always something to shoot in Nice, always something interesting as everything changes by the minute. Sometimes though, things stand still for a while and that’s the case for this boutique where two mannequins have been there for a certain time. And as you might expect, they don’t move. As to whether they change clothes from time to time, I don’t know. But since we’re getting lower temperature these days, I’m pretty sure they would appreciate some warmer clothing from the owner. Well, maybe not if you take a closer look to the nature of the boutique itself.

Old Nice was very busy last night and we had a hard time finding a place to park. But the ambiance was just great with people everywhere, the night life was going on. I had a good time taking photos of the ordinary and the light from the lampposts, along with camera capabilities, gave me all I needed to photograph with ambient light and no flash, as usual.

I selected the photo above to share with you because I find a lot on duality in it: boy/girl, right/left, dessus/dessous, inside/outside, open/closed, and being on a corner with such a great light from above. All of these make that the photos speaks to me.

Have you been there recently? I think I’ll go back during the day and take another shot with daylight and opened boutique. You never know, maybe the mannequins will dress-up for the occasion!

Good Light!

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