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Shores of Cap d’Antibes

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Shores of Cap d’Antibes

It’s been raining for days in our area recently and the land started to show signs of water excess. People say it’s unusual and that they rarely see so much rain. But this last Saturday morning was completely different. Sun Sun Sun ! Over the past weeks. the rain didn’t stop me from going places to shoot a little bit, but when the weather is so great, I feel a urge to leave home and grab some frames. I ended up in Cap D’Antibes at the foot of Napoleon’s fortress. I brought the 35mm and 75mm with me. I’m usually shooting with the 35mm, but this time I wanted to explore the 75mm. I brought home a good mix of both lenses, and what’s interesting is the fact that there are few landscape frames. I got closer to things, and I’m glad I did. I even got some luck from unexpected “human creatures” from the sea..

You can see the whole picture set on my website at www.normandprimeauphoto.com

Good Light!

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