Evolving Poland, from Warsaw to Krakow

Evolving Poland, from Warsaw to Krakow
Flower Power Car, Jewish Quarter, Krakow, Poland, Leica M (Typ 240), Summilux-M ASPH 50mm, 1/45 sec., f9.5, ISO 200

Every time I go to Poland I get this confirming feeling that life is getting better and better over there. Of course, this is based on my personal perception of things and I would never argue that it is right or wrong. But as an outsider, I really notice signs of fresh air and improvement. The right word for what I want to express is "dynamic".

During last week's trip there I wanted to grab some self-speaking pictures of the normal life in Warsaw and Krakow. And more than ever I walked in many directions to cover more quarters and areas I had never visited before. I had more time, and my appetite to see more was getting stronger. So the first part of the trip was spent in Warsaw and I could spend some time in the ghettos, downtown (old and new). I'm always captivated by places and their history and this was no exception.

Soon after I moved to Krakow just before visiting the camps in Auschwitz, which I prefer to treat as a separate post coming in a couple days. What I'm sharing with you today is about Warsaw and Krakow. The pictures I brought from there really express my feeling when I was in these cities. So it's a mixture of back & white and punchy colors. Things from the past and today's life. But all of them show signs of dynamism, new taking over the old, memories, and real life of real people happening before my eyes.

The photo above is all about change, freedom of expression, youth, color and creativity. It was taken in the jewish quarter in Krakow. The car belongs to the owner of the gallery and was painted by his children. Love it! While I'm pretty sure this car was shot by so many photographers around the world, I'm very happy I took it because it perfectly represents the spirit of this area as it is today.

You can find the whole picture set on my website. I wish you have a good time looking at them. Let me know what you think.

Good Light!


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