Gathering, gathering, gathering

Gathering, gathering, gathering

It’s already the end of the year and with it comes the excitement of all the festivities, shopping and decorations. But most of all what comes to mind is “gathering”. Whether it’s for a meal with a friend, a relative or a big party, gathering is really what we all feel and want.

Today I was thinking about a photo to share with you for the occasion. I can’t actually “gather” with you, but I can certainly share something with you. And as a photographer, it seems natural for me to share photos. It could have been a Christmas tree with all the lights and decorations, it could have been a scene in the street or even a gorgeous panorama view of a mountain covered with snow. Well, you got the idea. But I decided to push this idea of sharing and finally came up with this photo I took while having fun shooting close-ups in the house. These little wax animals are gathering together with excitement for their share of cherries, also made of wax. I made up the scene of course, but the idea was to represent gathering in a cute way.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful time gathering with people you love. Take the time to enjoy every moment, slow down a little bit and remember the good time you had as a kid for Christmas. We’re all grown-ups in suit after all. Keep that in mind and enjoy !!

I’ll be traveling to Canada this week, spending time with my daughters, wife, family and friends. I promise I will share some “White Christmas” scenes with you in a couple days or so. Thanks to all of you for being here and sharing a true passion for photography.

Good Light!


© Normand Primeau