Getting lost in Var and Maritime Alps

Getting lost in Var and Maritime Alps

I had a friend visiting from Canada last week. The weather was not at its best most of the time, but we purposely "got lost" in the region to visit some spots I already visited in the past, and some I didn't) know at all. Sometimes a fresh eye is all it takes!

So, we have been at the vineyard of Saint-Jeannet (of course, we bought a couple bottles), Vallée de la Tinée, almost reached Col de la Bonnette (closed as it snowed the week before), the deep caves of Grottes de Saint-Cézaire and some strange areas near Cabasse where we visited an abandoned bauxite mine without even knowing it. Below is a blog link I found afterward that gives a good overview of this story that last more than a century.

Bauxite mine in Cabasse info : Entre Les Jas

Good light!


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