Guess who's coming for dinner

Guess who's coming for dinner

When I saw this, right before taking the shot, I thought of the American movie "Guess Who's coming to Dinner", from Stanley Kramer. But this goes back to 1967, while this picture is only a couple weeks old. The scene can be found right before the entrance of the cemetery, in Baux de Provence.

I passed there but barely noticed it at first. It's only on the way back, before leaving the site that I realized it was a great setup. Maybe because the light had changed? I don't know. But I really like the setup, the way the chairs are placed, with a hint that some people were there before. There is something to the rocks on the wall and the pitch black metallic chairs against the textured wall in the background.

The framed was cropped just a little bit on the right to remove the bright entrance of the cemetery. The wall on the left, if I recall correctly, hides the public water closets. Ahhh.. now I understand why I got to notice this area. Nature call, brings a bit of help. Heck, why not?

Good Light!


© Normand Primeau