Îles de Lérins - Sainte-Marguerite

Îles de Lérins - Sainte-Marguerite

A search on the web for the term "fort royal" will give you plenty of choices for destinations and things to see. But the one I'm talking about today is located on Sainte-Marguerite island, near Cannes on Côte d'Azur.

This historic site can only be access by boat, either your own means (lucky you!) or through shuttles from the port of Cannes. It only takes about 20 minutes to get there, but a whole day is perfect to enjoy all the areas of the island, visit vestiges and have lunch on the shores just about anywhere around the island.

The site is rich in historical events as many things happened there over the curse of several centuries (Romans, Spanish, French, etc.). What's left there is a real pleasure to discover. It's the perfect site to walk around with a camera and get closer to things, to get curious and learn. I was surprised to discover a concrete bunker on the north-west end of the island.

It's a really quiet place, especially if you go there during the week, in the low-season. January was perfect, and the weather was amazing. I can imagine it's quite busier in the summer.

I took quite a few pictures during the day, but the one I'm presenting today is the one that speaks the most to me. I love the texture of the rock on the ground, the concrete wall, the cracks in the wood, and even more, the way the lantern casts its own shadow on the wall. This is located within the walls of Port Royal, which felt like a ghost town that day. Heck, I was alone there! :-)

For the next trip to this area, I plan to visit the other island called St-Honorât. They do have shuttle boats bringing you from Cannes to both of these islands during the same day, but I thought I would enjoy it more appropriately if I spend a whole day on each. I'm usually looking for historic details, architecture and prefer to give things some quality time to blend in and learn more.

Good Light!


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