Interior shooting

Interior shooting

While landscape photography allows me to spend some time outdoor, breath and relax, there is nothing like a client’s need for a specific kind of photo. I love challenges and will do everything I can to succeed and get the job done. One of my clients sometimes calls that “beauty shots”. You know what I mean? Right angle, perfect light, and everything that make people go Wow! Well, ok, everything is a question of taste, but ultimately, as long as the client goes Wow! I’m happy..

I was called recently to produce a series of these beauty shots for a construction company. The direct client was actually the provincial organisation that regulates the construction companies and guide them in there development. First of all, there is something very important to understand here. And that has to be very clear with the person you’re dealing with: who is YOUR client. That is the one paying your invoice when you hand them the DVD with all the picture. The one that signs the contract and give you the go. Of course the final client is important, he’s paying in the end. But your client should deal with him, not you. At this point, and that’s why I bring up that topic, you have to set the expectations. Again: you have to set the expectations. Once everybody agrees on what’s to be expected from you, you’re good.

Good Light!


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