Let’s be grunge

Let’s be grunge

Oh well, if you’re blogging all around, and I mean blogging as in “I have a blog”, you probably know by now that themes are at the heart of your blog’s look and feel. But, themes are not all that cool and sometimes they just get overboard (read ugly) and get far away from what we call intuitive or user-friendly. I had a couple themes applied to my blog over the past couple weeks and honestly they were all missing that little thing, they were not edgy, special or whatever you call it when you want to express yourself, your way.

After a couple busy weeks, I had a bit of time to look around and discovered a new theme called “Greyzed”. Whoa! Now that is something different. I like it and decided to switch from my previous theme (Misty Look). I had nothing to complain, but like I said, something was missing. I could not “identify” myself to it. Now wait, a theme is a theme, really, and it’s got nothing to do with the real you. But like hair dressing and clothing, they represent ourself, our look, our feelings, etc. Does it mean I’m grunge? Come on! All I’m saying is that this new theme from The Forge Web Creations is awesome. I like it. I love it. And it’s now the theme I’m using for my blog. But hey, things change and you never know what’s coming up in a couple weeks. Right? Are you telling me you like being called “vintage”? Ok, that’s fine, I’m vintage too, sometimes. But for now I’m grunge.. Well, at least my blog is. If you don’t like it, take a look at the other themes available from that group, they’re good.

Don’t take life too seriously. It isn’t a permanent situation!

Good Light!


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