Limited edition or just a print? That is the question

Fine Art photography regulation is sometimes very confusing. First they call for a specific set of rules, and second they differ in subtleties from one country to another. In France, things get even more complicated because the photographer has to choose one specific field he wants to operate in, either author, artisan, photo-journalist, etc.. Each of these fields has a different set of rules. Youch! O.K., but that's not the topic of today's article. I simply wanted to highlight the big difference between a simple print and a limited edition fine art print.

We can all print photos, to a certain level, but the output will depend on the quality of the photo, the printer, the inks, the paper and, of course, the bits and bites that glue everything together: calibration & profiles

But fine art photography doesn't end there. The rules are to be followed: prints must be signed, numbered (to a max of 30 in France) and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. By comparison with other countries (Vietnam in this example), I own a Dang Ngo's print named "Monks In Waterfalls" numbered #7705. Who knows where the limit is. Also, every transaction/sale must be registered and is subject to legal verification. That's serious stuff. But it guarantees you own a real fine art print, complying with the law, and which can gain value over time. That's the objective! Hey, it's like a painting or a sculpture.

The photo here shows how I present my work when going through the process with a client. They can choose from any of the photos I have available. This one is a 30x40cm print, matted and framed. Baryta Photographique paper and extremely durable inks are used to insure many years of satisfaction. No fading out of colors. These days I'm working on 80x60cm matted print. BIG!

The reactions so far are very positive, and I'm always looking for better ways to make the final product even more attractive and compliant. Comments and requests always welcome!

Meanwhile, let me reiterate the fact that this page or blog is all about fine art photos. No tech reviews, no virulent opinions or criticism of anything. Just photos. And I'm always having a great time sharing that with you all. Thanks!

Good Light!


© Normand Primeau