Made on a Mac

Made on a Mac

I was recently mentioning that I produced a book using iPhoto’s printing service. FedEx tried twice to deliver the book to me while I was in Europe last week. After rescheduling with them, the book finally arrived a couple minutes ago. It’s with great excitement that I opened the box to find out how good the print quality is. It will also allow me to compare with the other book I am producing right now, on the same topic, through Blurb. A comparison will come over the next few weeks when I get the other book printed.

Now back to the one I just got from Apple’s printing service. First, the presentation is very good. The book comes in a fitted white box, showing the grey Apple logo in the middle. When you open the box you find the book nicely stored in a transparent sleeve, as an added protection. Then to the book. The size I ordered is 13×10, what they called “Extra Large”, and I had chosen a hardcover with wrapping jacket. The glossy sleeve is very nice and colors are very well rendered. Black is really black and the colors really punch. I was also surprised to find out the cover/back cover images were also printed directly on the book. Nice!

I had small character text throughout the book and they come out very sharp and easy to read.

The more I look at it, the more I imagine what it would look like if it had 100 pages instead of 30? The paper has an average thickness, so 30 page is something you feel when holding it. Now, a brick of 100 pages must be very impressive. Of course, quantity is not the key, one must have quality material to present. But I know I had a couple shoots that would be candidate for such project. Oh well, photography never ends!

So, all in all, if you thought of using iPhoto to print a book, I recommend it with no hesitation. Once I have the one from Blurb in my hands, I will let you know my impressions. No pun intended!

Good Light!


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