Port of Nice, colors and the art of happiness

Port of Nice, colors and the art of happiness

The weather has been exceptional on the French Riviera over the past 2 weeks. There is not much to complain when the sun brings in temperatures around 15-16 degrees. But « times they are a changing », as they say, and today marked the last sunny day for a couple days now. We decided to go to Nice and enjoy the weather, the places and the activities. Rest assured we were not alone! Lots of people in this area, but everyone was apparently looking for the same thing: relax.

We parked near the arcades, as usual, and walked up to the east side of the port. That’s a quiet area and it gets you very close to the boats. While the big one are hard to miss, some are huge and impressive (I refer to them as « ships »), the small fishermen boats hooked to the decks are those who got most of my attention today. I feel like that these days. Simple. True. Genuine. Dedicated.

If you remember, I spent some time in Cros de Cagnes recently and something really « gets me » when I’m surrounded by small boats, fishermen, nets, and all these things that belong to fishing activities. But not the big way (industrial), but rather the small way (artisanal). I’d like to go on the sea with them one day, very early in the morning, not to catch fish myself, but slices of life. Real life. I’d like to listen to their stories. Hear the waves hitting the boat and the birds sneaking around hoping to steal a fish from the nets. Do you know what I mean? Can you hear the sounds?

I have something slowly cooking in Cros de Cagnes and if all goes according to plans, I should spend quite some time in this area. Maybe I should get closer to fishermen, get to know them in their environment. I would be stupid not to. Maybe I should put it on my todo list for the next few weeks? After all, the season is about to start again and they will be very busy soon.

Good Light!


© Normand Primeau