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Resting on the rocks


Who would refuse taking some time off and lay down under a sun umbrella on the shores of the sea? I, for one, would certainly be interested! Especially along the beautiful path of Sentier du Littoral in Côté d’Azur. While I travel a lot in the region and have already heard quite a few times about the path, I never had the opportunity to get there and see it for myself.

We got there early in the afternoon and, to my surprise, not a lot of people were present in the area. We past a few swimmers and couples walking around, but certainly not a crowd. The sea is fabulous there, great colors, the view is gorgeous and it’s nice to go from one point to another. It’s an easy activity and everyone can do it, but water bottles are an absolute must when it’s sunny and hot.

Our short walk started at restaurant La Pinède and stopped at Le Cabanon, a little resto-bar in Cap d’Ail where a drink was more than welcome before we head back to the scooter and then home.

What struck me the most over there is how people are relax and take it easy. At some point we saw a man sitting in a little pond of water left by the waves and/or rain between the rock. That water was obviously quite hot and he installed himself there for a little while. Only his white hat and head emerged. He actually looked like a crocodile waiting for his prey.

A bit farther away there was a little creek where people were just refreshing themselves in the sea, while others were simply sleeping under a sun umbrella. That’s the case for the photo I’m sharing with you today. You just see the umbrella but there was a young couple relaxing under it. Sandals on the lower left are the proof of it. When I past over them on the path way I couldn’t resist taking the shot because I liked the textures of the rocks and the water, along with the contrast the umbrella was creating, in shapes and in colors.

Now, don’t tell me you would not have taken their place for a moment? In the meantime I hope you like the photo.

Good Light!

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  2. […] Finalement, La Route des Crêtes étant fermée à la circulation ce jour-là (à cause du vent), je devrai y retourner pour admirer toute la beauté qu’elle propose avec une vue plongeante sur le littoral. […]

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