Saint-Jeannet, at the foot of Baou

Saint-Jeannet, at the foot of Baou
Fountain at public washing place, Saint-Jeannet, France, Leica M (240), 1/1500 sec., f8, ISO 200

I've been thinking of going to Saint-Jeannet for quite a while, but work and bad weather kept me away from this nice little village. But today there was no excuse. Perfect weather and time to spare. Let's put that camera to work.. and the scooter too!

The first place I wanted to visit is Vignoble de Saint-Jeannet. I go there from time to time, meet with Mr. Rasse, buy a couple bottles of is fine and artisanal wine and simply enjoy the quietness of this place. You can walk around and even try the different wines they produce. It's a little corner of Côte d'Azur that I really appreciate. Two bottles will fit very nicely under the seat of my scooter and it's good to encourage the hard work they do over there. If you want to go there, the address is 800, Chemin des Sausses, 06640 Saint-Jeannet. It's 10 minutes from Vence and easy to find.

Then I moved to the village of Saint-Jeannet, easily parked the scooter "downtown" and started to walk around the narrow streets. It's great to be just walking like that, you're part of it, you hear local people talking together, laughing, having a coffee on a terrace or simply doing their things. They all seem to be happy and know each other. Typical of such little community.

My goal was to take photos of the ordinary. But I had no expectations, just looking for things to shoot, hunting for good light and discover the place a bit more. I have been there on a several occasions in the past, but you always something new on every visit. Things might have been there the time before, but you simply look differently.. and see!

One of the many reasons why I'm so fascinated by photography is the fact that you keep moving, discovering, learning, meeting. I really believe all of this makes you grow and change for the better.

How about you? What is photography doing on you?

Good Light!


© Normand Primeau