Saint-Paul door knockers

Saint-Paul door knockers

What started as a regular visit to the village finally ended up into an exploration of something specific. Some kind of impromptu “reportage”. After a couple shots, I took another one of a completely different nature and it was the beginning of a search for more of the same topic. Some will photograph stairways. Others will focus on fountains or anything they find interesting. Yesterday, for me, it was door handles. Door handles of all shapes, materials, textures and colors. I’m lucky for one thing and it’s that Saint-Paul has so many nice door handles. They’re all there, waiting for the eye to see and the camera to shoot.

After about 30 minutes in the village I began to walk in all (and I mean all) of the narrow street, hunting for the door handles available for me. Some were hard to take, some were hard to reach and others were just “there” for me. My interest for this topic kind of grew on me and at some point I was very excited about the idea. I thought I could get 15 shots and I came back with more than 40. That’s awesome!

What’s interesting in this, besides the shots I got and the great experience, is that we can always have that kind of shoot, anywhere we go, as long as we keep our eyes open to see what’s not always obvious. The next time I can go to another village looking for the same subject, or I could aim for statues, or special cars, or chairs, or anything I want. As long as we keep in mind that the idea is to complete a set of photos on one topic, make it a small project that will eventually find its place into our portfolio. Focus. Focus is the way to think if we want to build something. Organize. But always leave a place for improvisation or for simple things that present themselves to us, in front of the lens! Opportunists, that’s what we are!

Good Light!


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