Shrek's best friend

Shrek's best friend

A well-known magazine contacted me recently asking if I had some photos of sheeps on Plateau de Caussols. Unfortunately, those I have are from Col de la Bonette. But it tickled my curiosity as I never went to Caussols, and I love mountains and back country. So I left home with no other expectation than breathing fresh air, enjoy the beauty of the vista and, if I'm lucky, grab a couple good photos.

Of course there are no sheeps in the winter, and to my surprise, snow was everywhere and in quantity. Reminded me of my country, Canada. Except now the ride was with a scooter, yikes, cold! Don't blame me, I love it.

All in all, my expectation were met, except for the photos. Shooting is always a hit or miss kind of thing. This time it was a gorgeous day, a great ride, a nice lunch at La Taverne Provençale in Gourdon, and even some funny encounters. This photo is certainly not fine art, but it was taken on my way back, just before getting to Gourdon. Shrek's best friend, Donkey, was looking at me and I stopped to say hello. He seemed very quiet and happy in his little spot. But he's a bit of a poser and never wanted to sign the model release. Too bad.. :-)

Good Light!


© Normand Primeau