Smells like fall in nice

Smells like fall in nice

Nice is taking a different allure at this time of the year. While we still get lots of sun year round, the temperature progressively goes down every week, swimmers are occasional and sometimes the sky gets cloudy and menacing. While taking a walk in Old Nice, it's fun to see how people are starting to change their dressing already. They also stay farther away from the water for some reasons.

I find this area quite unique. You could stand there every day photographing things or people and the result would be different all the time. There is always something to photographs there. It changes by the minute, almost. Couples, families and friends gather in the area for minutes or hours, for a walk or a talk, and life goes on. Beautifully.

On this picture I was captivated by the textures in the millions of pebbles, the long curve on the shore and the dark clouds moving slowly. Nice is usually busy and extremely colorful, but this time everything was pretty quiet and especially favorable for a black & white photo. This was taking just 4 days ago and hopefully the weather is back to what we're used to have here. But don't put our head in the sand, Fall and Winter are coming our way too.

Good Light!


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