Taking off in a Nice way

Taking off in a Nice way
Taking Off in a Nice Way.. in Nice, Leica M (Typ 240), Summilux-M 50 mm f1.4 ASPH, 1/3000 sec., f5.6, ISO 200

Just about a week ago I brought back and shared with you some high elevation photos, taken on the highest road in Europe : Col de la Bonette. Now, why not completely go back the opposite way, at sea level? Well, add several meters to that as these people are leaving the ground/water for a para-sail tour over the Mediterranean Sea. Not so far from the coast, but still a nice little ride for them.

I like the contrast of the yellow parachute and the turquoise water of the sea and blue sky. It's great for us to see this setup that lasted only a few seconds, but I'd be interested to know what kind of view they had on Nice from the air. I would not risk to bring the Leica over there, but I'm pretty sure the position would be great for a nice composition.

Did you ever try that para-sail thing in Nice or anywhere else?

Good Light!


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