Tende, finally

Tende, finally

For those of you who follow this blog, you know I have been in Vallée de la Roya last Saturday. I did not have enough time to push up to Tende and I felt it was too bad. So, listening the inner voice (did you notice it’s always there?), I decided on Sunday to go back and push a little bit, up to Tende. However, instead of driving the small routes between the mountains in France, I took the highway to Ventimiglia and then the SS20 towards France, hence, Tende. That was a quicker trip, about 1 hour from Nice.

It was great to see again what was seen the day before. I still want to know more about Fanghetto. Actually, I learned that the population is 10.. Otherwise, pushing to Tende was great and the drive along the Roya river and the massive rock formations was well worth the time spent there. Tende was great to discover and if you take your time to go in the old part of the village, you will quickly get a deep feeling about the history there. The ruins are an obvious sign.

Unfortunately I could not get much picture from this trip. The village itself is very narrow and I could not get what I wanted in most situations. I’m not talking about the landscape picture, that you can have. But walking the narrow streets, you need a wide angle lens. Unless you want to go macro. But, as always, if I can come back with at least one good shot, I’m happy!

Good Light!


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