The poutine

The poutine
Fishermen at work in Cros de Cagnes

My project in Cros de Cagnes is doing very well, but there is still a lot to achieve before it’s up and running. I set myself a deadline for April 1st. This is realistic, but there are things that need to be done in sequence to assure the success of this initiative. One of them has been hunting me for more than 2 weeks now and I was kind of running in circle on this one: I had to shoot the fishermen in action during their hard work, fishing the « poutine ». Yes, and it has nothing to do with the meal that goes by the same name in Quebec. Forget the sauce, cheese and fries. We’re talking fish here. And very small ones. Fishing poutine is a tradition in the region and I knew I had to shoot this activity for the gallery in Cros de Cagnes.

Saturday morning I decided to leave home and reach the Cros, hoping to get some good shots of the area. A bit like the shots I got in February, but focusing on those that can be used to produce postcards and other commercial products. My mind was set for this and I started to shoot as soon as I got my feet on the shore.

Suddenly, I noticed a line of floaters and lines in the water, with a little boat watching it. I wonder what it was and started to walk in that direction. Just a few steps later and saw some old men pulling lines on the shore with energy. What a surprise: the poutine !! Realizing I finally had the opportunity to shoot the activity, I started to run on the sidewalk to make sure I get there before it’s too late. I was very excited by that and I was not disappointed by what I did and saw. I kept shooting until the lines were on the rocks. People gathered toward the net hoping to see all the fishes stuck in there. They had not much in there this time, but they do this 3 times a day apparently. I managed to engage conversation with 2 of the busy fishermen and they invited me to meet with them next Tuesday. They will tell me everything, show me how it works and maybe get me on the boat for some great points of view. Shooting from the water will offer great opportunities. And most of all, it will be an awesome experience and a chance to learn more about these old men, men of tradition.

I’ll tell you more when I come back on Tuesday. Until then I have to get ready and have some rest because I need to get up at 5am.

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