There must be at least one good shot

There must be at least one good shot
Chapelle Notre-Dame de Gratemoine, Leica M (Typ240), 1/750 sec., f8, ISO 200

There must be at least one good shot. That's what my good old friend Pete used to say when we came back from a shoot somewhere together. I thought it was just a funny statement back then, but more and more I realize how true it is. Every time. First, one can't leave for a shoot and expect to come back with a load of killer shots. You never know what's going to come out of a shoot, just like that.

When I left home today I had no expectations not only about good shots but also about where I would end up shooting. Complete nowhere. I just thought "Let Get Lost Somewhere". I guess that's how it should be, it leaves some place to creativity, opportunity and chance. So I left Saint-Paul going north to Col de Vence, passed Coursegoules, Gréolières, driving up and down the mountains in Escragnolles, Séranon, St-Vallier-de-Thiey, Grasse and then back to Saint-Paul. Took a short break and then left again for La Sine, Vence and then Cagnes-sur-Mer up the hip in the medieval town around the Castle. Now, that's a lot ok km's on the scooter. Of course I stopped everywhere I found some good light to snap some good shots.

The picture I'm sharing with you today is one Chapelle Notre-Dame de Gratemoine in the village of Séranon. I saw it from the distance and just stopped to walk around it and see what it was all about. Built in the 12th century it went through lots of modifications before taking the shape it has today. Too bad I could't access the inside. Still, I loved the structure, the stone and contrast with the mountains in the back. Very quiet place too. I really enjoyed the time I spent there.

Good Light!


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