Van Gogh quarries

Van Gogh quarries

As photographers, we always have the desire to visit places and see things to photograph, to satisfy our curiosity and creativity. That's how I feel anyways. That's why we also travel a lot and end up with so much photos to sort and edit.

Sometimes though, we get to places with no specific plan. That's when I say "Let's get lost" and end up in places I haven't seen before. Most of the time it's a good experience and proves to be interesting in many aspects. Travel. Meetings. Lodging. Dining. Photographs. And while it's also true it can turn completely useless, there are times when it's just amazing. A great experience. Something new and special. And that's exactly what I had recently when visiting Baux de Provence. The last 2 hours of our visit there was spent in the quarries. Yes, quarries! There was a multimedia show still going on for a couple days and we decided to take a look at it, after all it was just a 10 minutes walk from the Baux. This was truly amazing: "Painters Of Colour"

They used the quarries chambers to project images with music (70 projectors, 70 servers). You go inside and walk around in these huge "rooms" and high walls made of rock. We're talking 6000 square meters! The cutting patterns stay visible when the Gauguin and Van Gogh paintings are projected on the walls, which reminds you of where you are. The colors, the music, the acoustic and the visitors silhouettes in the dark make all of this a very exciting event. At first I was just like a small baby looking at toys and impressed by the sounds they make. And then the thirst for creativity invaded me and I started shooting. This time the Leica stayed on my shoulder and I turned to the Sony RX100 for it's large sensor (high ISO tolerant), fast lens and movie function. It was a bit challenging because the images come and go, some are moving, visitors get in the way (they just don't see you very well), but at the same time they create items that perfectly fit in the composition.

This show is now over. But a new one is starting on March 8th, 2013 and until January 2014. The theme will be about the Mediterranean (La Méditerranée) and includes the work of Joseph Vernet, Monet, Renoir, Signac, Cross, Camoin, Derain, Vlaminck, Friesz, Manguin, Marquet, Valtat and Matisse. If you're looking for something to do in this area, go there. It's a no-brainer. You'll be amazed.

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