Was, Is, Will

Was, Is, Will

Following my previous mentions of how important to know your destination prior to go there for photography, and even just traveling, I would like to let you know about a book I’m reading right now that really goes with that thinking. It’s not a travel book. It’s not some publication from touristic organization. It’s not even a geography book or a collection maps. I’m talking about a book that tells you a lot about the whole world. You think I’m joking? Not at all!

Photographing small villages in south of France and Italy generated in me a desire to understand how it started, how it was to live there back then, why it is like that today and what influenced the changes of the location. I saw architecture similar to that of the Roman Empire, ruins, etc. But why there? Then I decided to shop around for a book about history. I saw a lot of these but none was really what I was looking for. But I recently found a French book called « Toute l’histoire du monde – De la préhistoire à nos jours » . It might sound like a lot of history for what I was looking for, but trust me, it’s great. Every student should read that so we all get an idea of what we are, what happened and why the world is what it is today. You just can’t get a good understanding of what is going on today if you have no clue of how it developed over the centuries, or even more. I love this book and I realize a lot of things while reading it. It all makes sense. Do yourself a favor, get this book now and read 10 pages a day before going to bed if you’re too busy. It’s a little jewel.

Good Light!


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