Yoyo weather in Nice

Yoyo weather in Nice
Dramatic view of Nice from below the Corniche, Nice, France, Leica M8.2, 1/750 sec., f8, ISO 160

What's going on with Mother Nature these days? It's a yoyo game she's playing. They had 32 degrees in Biarritz yesterday, and now we have 12 degrees in Nice. Go figure!

When I left home in Saint-Paul it was pretty cloudy, but Nice had a mix of sun and cloud, which is not a bad thing for photography. The clouds act like a huge soft box in the sky, pouring equal light on everything. No harsh shadows. Even better, when the sun gets through the clouds for a couple minutes, it brings a new perspective on what we see. Turned out to be a good thing today as the light was pretty good and the clouds created some great textures up there. Combined with the colors of the building in Nice, that makes a lot of contrast. I love it when it's like that.

Also, I had an Olympus Linear PCM recorder (LX-11) with me today. I thought it would be interesting to record the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks and shore. I haven't listen to it yet, but if it's usable I will probably create a short slideshow with sound. Just experimenting new things. I plan to use the recorder more regularly, when possible, to help me remember sounds and noises from a scene. Sometimes it's easier to write when you have this level of details. Could of course be simple vocal notes to myself.

You can find the whole picture set on my website at www.normandprimeauphoto.com

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